Call for regional research funding

​The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst RHF) hereby announces a call for applications for health research in this region. The total funding available for this call is approximately 100 million Norwegian kroner. 

Application deadline was Tuesday, September 5th 2017, 16:00. 

The following research categories are available for funding in 2017: 

Note! Applications for Open project support or career fellowships will no longer be converted to other categories and a partial award. 

Who may apply?

All applications must be submitted through an applicant institution, i.e. a hospital (helseforetak) / private, ideal hospital in the South-Eastern Norway health region or a private institution with established application access. The principal investigator must have a doctoral degree (PhD) and hold at least 20% employment at the applicant institution by the time of submission and throughout the project period.
A principal investigator may be employed by a hospital / private, ideal hospital in the South-Eastern Norway health region other than the applicant institution. If this is the case, the rights and responsibilities of the principal investigator in relation to the project should be specified in a separate written agreement between the institutions involved. Helse Sør-Øst RHF has drafted a template for this agreement.
Research grants are awarded the applicant institution and are earmarked the specified research projects / activities, which must commence before December 1st 2018.

Upper age limit for principal investigators

Access to application is not granted principal investigators over the age of 70 years (b. 1947 or earlier); however, they are welcome to contribute as project collaborators or co-supervisors. If a principal investigator turns 70 during the project period, a written confirmation from the applicant institution must be submitted stating that responsibilities as principal investigator will be transferred to another researcher when this occurs.

Upper limit - annual funding to principal investigators

Helse Sør-Øst RHF has limited the annual allocation of research funds to a principal investigator upwards to 4.5 million NOK for 2018. This sum includes funds for both ongoing and new research projects and concerns all categories with the exception of Overseas fellowships.

Increased allocation – annual funding to principal investigators for external projects at non-university hospitals

An applicant may be a principal investigator for a project located to another institution in the South-Eastern Norway health region (external PI). This arrangement increases the annual allocation for the principal investigator by up to 3 million NOK, provided that the external project is allocated to a non-university hospital. Any positions awarded by these project grants must also be employed by the applicant institution. This is a strategic measure aimed at strengthening research in non-university hospitals, and an increased annual allocation is consequently not obtainable for project collaborations between two university hospitals.

Limitation on the number of grant applications

The following limitations have been set for applications from an individual principal investigator:

  • Number of applications

A principal investigator may submit a maximum of two applications for funding of individual research projects, of which only one application within the category Open project support. If two applications for PhD and/or postdoctoral fellowships are related to an overarching research project, they should be merged and submitted as an application for Open project support.  

Submission of two identical or very similar applications is not permitted. If this is the case, the applications may be rejected.

  • Principal investigators for external projects
Principal investigators for external projects may submit up to three applications for funding of individual research projects, of which only one application in the category Open project support. A maximum of two of these applications may originate from external institutions.
  • Career fellowships
Principal investigators applying for Career fellowships may not apply for PhD fellowships, Postdoctoral fellowships or Open project support during the same year.
  • Open project support
Principal investigators awarded full funding in the Open project support category, will not be awarded funds for other research projects located to the same applicant institution.

Specific requirements for the various application categories

In addition to the general guidelines for all applications to Helse Sør-Øst RHF, there are also specific guidelines for each category including an overview of required attachments. Prior to creating a new application, the applicants should acquaint themselves with the requirements of each relevant application category. Incomplete applications and/or applications that are missing or do not meet the format requirements for attachments may be rejected. See an overview of criteria for rejection of applications. 

Note that there are specific requirements for the categories Career fellowship and Open project support related to competitive applications to large, international funding sources.

The application form and classification of research projects/activities

Applications must be submitted online via a web-based solution called eSøknad. Here you will also find specific guideline material for eSøknad. 

Within eSøknad, it is important that the application is classified in one of the following research groups:

  • Clinical somatic research, incl. translational research
  • Clinical research in mental health and addiction, incl. translational research
  • Basic medical research with a translational perspective
  • Other health research areas*
    *Research in public health, epidemiology, health services etc.

Clinical somatic research covers all clinical research, regardless of the professional background of the principal investigator. The applicant is responsible for placing his/her application in the correct group.  

Evaluation of research quality and expected impact on patient care

Applications are evaluated by independent members of peer-review committees using criteria for research quality and expected impact, which carry equal weight in the evaluation. The regional health authorities have developed common guidelines and criteria for this process; see overview here 

The expected benefit to patients and impact on patient care should be described in a separate field in the eSøknad application form.

The peer-review process in Helse Sør-Øst RHF is described on this website.

User involvement in health research

The regional health authorities have designed specific policies and guidelines for user involvement in health research . In the project description, the principal investigator must outline a plan for user involvement, and / or describe the extent to which users are already involved in the planning and implementation of the project, alternatively, why this is not relevant. The plan for user involvement is a part of the peer-review.

Contact information

Under FAQ (Norwegian only), you will find answers to many common questions regarding applications for research funding.

If you have any additional questions, please contact by e-mail.

In the event of any discrepancies between the Norwegian and the English versions of the application documents, the Norwegian version takes precedence.


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