Open project support

​This application category is aimed at researcher-initiated projects of high scientific quality. 

Principal investigator

The principal investigator must have a doctoral degree and should hold at least 20% employment at the applicant institution by the time of submission. 

Funding and duration

Helse Sør-Øst RHF awards up to 9 million NOK to projects in the application category Open Project support, of which 1 - 3 million NOK per year for up to three years.

PhD and / or postdoctoral fellows may be employed either for 3 years in a 100% position or for 6 years in a 50% position. The project period will be adjusted accordingly. If only running costs are awarded, the project period cannot be extended beyond three years.

The budget should be specified for each year in eSøknad. It is important to ensure that the budget in the application corresponds to the project objectives and content. 

What is funded?

Research funding may be used for different purposes, for example:

  • The salaries of research personnel:
    • PhD fellows
    • Postdoctoral fellows

Note! It is not possible to apply for researcher grants in the category Open project support.

Names of PhD and / or postdoctoral candidates should not be stated in the application. Helse Sør-Øst RHF awards max. 3 years (FTE) for a PhD or postdoctoral candidate. Candidates with previous funding from Helse Sør-Øst RHF cannot be employed. See Guidelines for PhD fellowships and postdoctoral fellowships.

  • Support staff:
    • Technical personnel, research nurses etc.
  • Running costs:
    • Equipment (total min. 100 000- max 250 000 NOK)
    • Costly assays
    • Database solutions, biobanking etc. 

Appointment of PhD/postdoctoral fellows

Any PhD and / or postdoctoral fellows funded by the project should be employed by the applicant institution during the entire project period. 

Research abroad

Helse Sør-Øst RHF provides funding for one research stipend for 3-12 months per PhD or post-doctoral candidate during the project period. Applications for grants to perform research abroad can be included in the application for Open project support. Total budget for the project is increased according to the current rate and duration of study abroad. Cf. Guidelines for overseas fellowships

Expectations of Open project support grantees

It is expected that grantees of large awards (more than 6 mill. NOK s during a three-year project period), will apply for funding from large, international funding sources during this period (such as ERC Grants, Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, EUs Horizon2020, Human Frontier Science, Novo Nordisk Fund etc.). 

If the principal investigator has submitted such an application, this should be clarified in any applications for renewal of the support.

Any grants from Helse Sør-Øst RHF will be continued if international funding is secured. 

Mandatory attachments for applications for Open Project support 

All documents must be converted to PDF format before uploading in eSøknad. The project description is uploaded as a separate PDF file, while all other attachments must be merged in a single PDF file. 

Submit the requested attachments only. Additional attachments will not be considered by the peer-review committees.

The font should be Arial 11 point/Times New Roman 12 pt or similar, single spacing, min. 2 cm margins. For references and figure legends, a 9 pt font may be used. 

Note! The application and all uploaded attachments must be completed in English.


The principal investigator's CV should be enclosed. In addition, CVs for up to 2 other key scientific collaborators may be submitted. 

Each CV should be maximum 2 pages and written in English.

List of publications

List of publications should be included for the principal investigator. In addition, the publication lists for up to 2 other key scientific collaborators may be submitted.

Each list must contain relevant publications from the last five years and should not exceed 3 pages

Project description

Please view template for the project description

The project description should be written in English. It should be max. 10 pages including figures, tables and list of references. 

Invitation from an international research group

If the application contains funding for overseas research, an invitation from the international research group should be included. Cf. Guidelines for overseas fellowships.

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