Postdoctoral fellowships

Guidelines and mandatory attachments for applications for postdoctoral fellowships 2018

In case of any discrepancies between the Norwegian and English versions, the Norwegian version shall take precedence.

​Postdoctoral candidate

Helse Sør-Øst RHF accepts applications for postdoctoral fellowships with or without named postdoctoral candidates.

Postdoctoral candidates must be employed by and have his/her main work address at the applicant institution during the fellowship period. (Excemption: research term abroad.)

A single postdoctoral fellowship award cannot be shared by several candidates at the same time.

Applications with a named candidate
When applying with a named candidate, the postdoctoral fellowship is a personal award and is not transferable to others. The candidate's academic qualifications will be considered by the peer-review committees.
Postdoctoral candidates must have submitted their theses prior to the application deadline. If the candidate has not defended the thesis prior to the application deadline, a confirmation of submission of the thesis must accompany the application.

Applications without a named candidate
If an application for a postdoctoral fellowship without a named candidate is successful, the postdoctoral position should preferably be advertised openly in accordance with the health trust practices for such appointments. The applicant institution is responsible for employing a candidate with the required scientific qualifications. It is assumed that the candidate has not previously received a postdoctoral fellowship funded by Helse Sør-Øst RHF (ref. 2.3.). The name of the candidate should be reported to Helse Sør-Øst RHF after appointment. 

Principal investigator

The principal investigator must have a PhD/doctoral degree and should hold at least 20% employment at the applicant institution by the time of submission. 


Helse Sør-Øst RHF awards postdoctoral fellowships for up to 3 years (FTEs) per candidate. The grant may be set up as a 100% position for 3 years or as a 50% position for 6 years.

A postdoctoral fellowship may be awarded to a person having previously received funding for a similar position from a different source.


Helse Sør-Øst RHF awards lump sums as used by the Norwegian Research Council for postdoctoral fellowships. For 2017, the Norwegian Research Council has set the rate at 1 039 000 NOKs for postdoctoral grants, while the rates for 2018 will be revised (probably increased by approx. 3%) according to the state budget to be presented in the autumn. The lump sum includes salary costs, social and overhead costs as well as running costs. It is not possible to apply for additional running costs.

Research abroad

Helse Sør-Øst RHF provides funding to perform research abroad for 3-12 months per candidate. Applications for grants to study abroad can be included in the application for a postdoctoral fellowship. The total grant awarded is increased accordingly depending on the current rate and duration of the stay broad. See guidelines for overseas fellowships.

To be awarded a grant for performing research abroad, the stay must be vital to the research project and must take place in an internationally recognized research group. 

Mandatory attachments for applications for postdoctoral fellowships

All documents must be converted to PDF format before uploading in eSøknad. The project description is uploaded as a separate PDF file, while all other attachments must be merged in a single PDF file.

Submit the requested attachments only. Additional attachments will not be considered by the peer-review committees.

The font should be Arial 11 pt / Times New Roman 12 pt or similar, single spacing, min. 2 cm margins. For references and figure legends, a 9 pt font may be used. 

Note! The application and all uploaded attachments must be completed in English. 


The principal investigator's CV should be enclosed.

If a postdoctoral candidate is named in the application, the candidate's CV should be included.

Each CV should be maximum 2 pages and written in English.

List of publications

A list of publications for the principal investigator should be attached. If a postdoctoral candidate is named in the application, the candidate's list of publications should also be enclosed.

Each list must contain relevant publications from the last five years and should not exceed 3 pages

Project description

Please view template for the project description.

The project description should be written in English. It should be max. 10 pages including figures, tables and list of references.

Invitation from an international research group

If the application contains funding for overseas research, an invitation from the international research group should be included. Cf. Guidelines for overseas fellowships.

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