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Research funding for prioritized thematic areas

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The board of Helse Sør-Øst RHF has decided to focus up to 10 million NOKs to research projects within three prioritized areas (cf. case 040-023). The call for applications for these funds is integrated in the process for ordinary applications (see description of the application process in Helse Sør-Øst). 
The aim is to support research within particular themes and areas that are important for the further development of the specialist health service in the region, i.e. with the aim of creating more efficient services and increased digitalization. The decision is based on the following strategic documents: 

  • Regional utviklingsplan 2040 Helse Sør-Øst  
  • Nasjonal handlingsplan for pasientsikkerhet og kvalitetsforbedring 2019-2023   
  • Delstrategi pasientsikkerhet og kvalitetsforbedring Helse Sør-Øst    
  • Regional fagplan for psykisk helsevern og tverrfaglig spesialisert rusbehandling   
  • Nasjonal strategi for å øke helsekompetansen i befolkningen (2019–2023)  

Applications for prioritized funds are expected to have a background in these documents and must have their main activities within one of the prioritized areas. It is not sufficient that the theme is covered only as a partial element in the application. 
The PI must indicate which area the application applies to by selecting the correct option in the application form. 
Note! User participation is mandatory in projects within priority areas. 
In this call for proposals, the following thematic areas are prioritized: 

  • Treatment of mental disorders and drug problems in children/young adults 
    • Therapy research and research related to treatment processes and interactions with other part of the health services, feedback-informed services and new, effective digital solutions in treatment and patient communication. 
  • Health competence
    • Studies of individual-oriented actions, i.e. activities aimed directly at strengthening individuals' health skills, and system-oriented actions aimed at organization and structural changes in the health service. 
    • Research into interactions and the use of new digital solutions as personnel-saving measures. 
  • Patient safety
    • Research with the aim of increasing the knowledge base on quality, safety and security for the health services so that patients are not exposed to unnecessary risk or damage as a result of diagnostics, treatment and follow-up. User experiences and good, relevant patient data are central sources of information for work with patient safety. There is a need for greater research activity in this area both for the further development of methods and work processes and to establish better data quality. 

Research funds are also allocated to a regional research network in the field of Streamlining/personnel-saving technology. 
See the call text for a link to the application form, templates and other relevant websites associated with these funds. 

Last updated 6/5/2023