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Postdoctoral grant

guidelines and mandatory documents

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Type of support  Postdoctoral grant 
Application access  Employees with a doctorate, at least 20% position at an eligible institution and main position in the region 
Award period  3 years – 100% or 6 years – 50%
Award amount  Annual allocation (NOK 1 294 000 for 2024) 
Latest possible start date  1st December 2024 

The number of awards may be balanced against the number of doctoral grants awarded. 

Principle Investigator 

The PI must have a PhD and be employed in at least 20% position at the applicant institution from the application deadline and throughout the project period. In addition, the PI’s main position must be in the region. The main position may be in the health sector or other sectors. 
The application category also allows for applying as an external PI for a postdoctoral project at a non-university hospital in the region (cf. the call text). If such an application is submitted, the PI’s rights and responsibilities in the project must be specified in a written agreement between the project manager's institution and the applicant institution. 
There is an opportunity to apply for funds for your own postdoctoral position if other requirements as a PI are met. 

Duration and funding  

Helse Sør-Øst RHF funds one postdoctoral scholarship per candidate for a period corresponding to a minimum of two full-time equivalents (FTEs) and a maximum of three FTEs per candidate. The postdoctoral scholarship can be taken out as a 50% or 100% postdoctoral position in the project.   
The appointment must also be in accordance with the applicant institution's own rules on postdoctoral positions. The postdoctoral award cannot be shared by several candidates. 
Helse Sør-Øst RHF awards an annual round sum as postdoctoral grants. The grant includes salary costs, incl. indirect costs and operating costs. For 2024, the rate is NOK 1 294 000 for postdoctoral grant. It is not possible to apply for additional operating costs in this category. 

Postdoctoral candidate 

Applications for postdoctoral grants must be submitted without a named candidate if the PI and postdoctoral candidate are not the same person. The candidate's name must be reported to Helse Sør-Øst RHF as soon as the candidate is employed. 
The postdoctoral candidate must be employed and have their main physical workplace at the applicant institution throughout the scholarship period, with the exception of any research stays abroad. The dissertation must be approved before the candidate is employed in the postdoctoral position. 

Mandatory documents for applications for postdoctoral grants  

All documents must be converted to pdf format before uploading in eSøknad. The project description is uploaded as a separate pdf file, while all other attachments must be collected in one single pdf file. 
Only requested attachments must be submitted. Additional attachments will not be considered.  
Format requirements for CV, list of publications and project description: A4 format, min. 2 cm margins, single line spacing, font equivalent to Arial 11 pt or Times New Roman 12 pt. For references and tables, 9 pt font can be used.  
Note! The application and attached documents must be written in English. Norwegian can only be used when the templates are in Norwegian. 

Attachments  Specification Format requirements 
Resume  The PI's CV must be attached. 
See template proposal for CV. 
The CV must be max. 2 pages and written in English. 
Publication list  A list of publications for the PI must be attached.  The publication list must consist of relevant publications and must not exceed 3 pages.  
Original articles should be listed before other types of scientific publications. 
Project description  See template for the project description The project description must be written in English . It must be at max. 10 pages including figures, tables and reference list.  
Agreement of intent on collaboration - external PI 

If the PI is employed by an application-eligible institution in the region other than the applicant institution (external PI), an agreement of intent on collaboration must be attached. 

See template proposal for external PI

Confirmation of the transfer of PI responsibility 

If the PI turns 70 during the project period, a confirmation from the applicant institution stating that project manager responsibility will be transferred to another person when this occurs must be attached. 

See template - transfer of PI responsibility. 




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Last updated 6/5/2023